Mahalo for your interest in my products and services! I assume you are curious about Who I am? Where did I come from? What has inspired me to do this type of work? and most importantly, What I am capable of doing for you? I am happy to share my story with you and hope you are willing to share yours with me….

IMG_2692I am a New Yorker of Mediterranean descent, convinced my herbal sorcery stems from my ancestry. My Turkish grandmother demonstrated the impact of putting LOVE into homemade food, generating LOVE from every “customer” (as she would call us). My Turkish great grandmother was an Herbalist and left behind jars of concoctions of herbal creams. My greatest influence was my father who taught me the magnetism of positivity. He lived with a progressive disease, NEVER complained, and believed in self-reliant healing. I am forever grateful for this legacy of ancestors!

In 1993, after achieving a BS in Marketing from SDSU my journey into natural healing began. As I endured two major surgeries before the age of 8, my soul remained scarred, scared and threatened by certain aspects of conventional medicine. I became fixated on the possibilities of using alternative medicine as an option when I faced a stubborn streptococcus skin infection that was successfully treated by a natural path with a tincture of echinacea and goldenseal. No antibiotics necessary!

My work as an Herbalist began in studying the soil, organic farming methods and plants with another impassioned herbalist. I worked at an herb and flower nursery and ultimately pioneered the development of a community organic farm in Oregon. After receiving remarkable feedback on my first wildcrafted herbal salve, I recognized my purpose was to help people heal through alchemy and sharing my knowledge and experiences of alternative health. My wizardry was born!

Gypsy travels, sunshine and beaches took me to Maui. Upon arrival, I was gifted my cherished copy of Michael Tierra’s “Planetary Herbology”. Since 1995, I have worked as the formulator & founder of Kaleidoscope Naturals, a healing foods private chef, herbal consultant, organic farmer, yoga Instructor and purchasing director of vitamins and supplements.

In 2009, I relocated to the pristine mountains of Mendocino, where I have dedicated my time to advancing my knowledge of plants by wild harvesting, creating perennial herbal gardens and growing food that can be used as medicine. There are currently at least 50 medicinal and culinary herbs, both native and planted (mostly from seed) on our property, including an abundance of Qi filled garlic!

My extensive education at the East West School of Herbology has enabled me to work as a competent Clinical Planetary Herbalist by providing clients with effective traditional herbal remedies to address the patterns of disharmony that they are experiencing. I am truly inspired to learn and grow with my clients.