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Jill is now offering consultations at Farmacopia on Wednesdays in Santa Rosa, California

Jill Barnattan
Clinical Herbalist, Yoga Instructor

Jill Barnattan’s gift is empowering her patients to take control of their health and lifestyle. So many people struggle to make the changes needed for better health. Jill is a   compassionate but firm guide and cheerleader on this journey. Let her wise and creative input empower you towards health!

Jill is an integrative Clinical Herbalist and Yoga instructor specializing in working with women and teens with stress, fatigue, anxiety, digestive ailments, menstrual related issues, insomnia and sensitivity to the environmental stresses of modern society.

She incorporates perspectives of both eastern and western herbal medicine from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Western Herbalism and applies a variety of tools such as herbs, yoga, abhyasa (spiritual practice), flower essences, nutrition, and nourishing food into her practice.

Jill holds a certificate as a Professional Planetary Herbalist from Lesley and Michael Tierra’s East West School of Planetary Herbology, is a Registered Yoga Teacher and second level Reiki practitioner.


See Jill for:

  • Women’s nervous system disturbances
  • Modern day stress
  • Anxiety and sleep issues
  • PMS and menopause support
  • Skin ailments
  • Relaxation and unwinding

For appointments, call 808-357-0830


Holistic Wellness Consultations:

Initial Consultation (1.5 hours): $100 (includes custom flower essence remedy)
Herbal Client Follow-Ups (45 minutes): $75
Holistic Wellness Program (series of 4 after intitial) $275
Mini Consult: $30
SpecialTea Consult: $30
Flower Essence Consult: $30

Private Yoga (only after initial consultation): $80/hour

BioMat Thermotherapy Sessions (20 minutes): $30.00