Liver Loving Gomasio


Spring Equinox is around the corner~the days are getting longer, the sun is starting to shine brighter and many of our herbal medicinal allies are starting to sprout.  NOW is the perfect time to prepare for the seasonal change.

Chinese 5 Element theory teaches us that Spring is ruled by the Wood element.  The Wood element corresponds to the Liver and Gallbladder meridians. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi (prana or energy) and also stores the blood.

When we are not flowing with life, we can get stuck and discover our areas of imbalance.

Making wise, seasonally oriented food choices is simple and can provide balance to your health.  As many of you know, I love kitchen alchemy rooted in ancient traditions. Balance yourself this Spring by eating foods of the season such as artichokes,    cabbages, dandelion greens & beets.  Even better,  compliment your Spring foods with both nutritive and tasty condiments.


Gomasio (toasted sesame and salt)  is a traditional Japanese condiment that is a staple of a macrobiotic kitchen.  It is a great salt substitute and a beautiful balance of yin (from the sesame oil revealed by the crushed seeds) and yang (salt). Liver Loving Gomasio is a great addition to soups, salads or rice (to name a few)



Black Sesame Seeds contain calcium, lubricate dry intestines and nourish both the Kidneys & Liver.

Grey Atlantic Sea Salt helps maintain electrolytes in the body and contains magnesium (which helps to calm the nervous system)

Toasted Milk Thistle Seed is the most renowned Liver restorative herb

Schizandra Berries enter all 12 meridians and all 5 elements.  Schizandra is known as “five flavor herb”, is a wonderful complete tonic, helps with Liver function and gives quite a burst of flavor when it reaches your taste buds

Rosemary brings clarity and helps relieve Liver Qi Stagnation

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