“The first time I ever got to witness Jill in her element of healing was in the vitamin room in Mana Foods on Maui. She seemed to have this glow that radiated out from her and her eyes sparked. I asked her many questions in regards to a “crisis” I was experiencing and she not only got me everything I needed, but calmed me down and gave me hope. Jill has helped me in so many ways. Not only is she knowledgable in understanding herbs she also has a true gift with alchemizing the herbs. Her formulas that she has created for me are powerful, yet subtle, calming yet vital. I am so excited for her to become certified in the Flower Essences as she has such amazing intuition along with her already library of knowledge. If you are looking for a herbalist that is gifted, kind, trustworthy, loving, knowledgable, intuitive and 110%devoted to you, look no further. We are lucky to have her on the isalnd of Maui.”~Sally Pickering, Maui