Here’s what people are saying….

I just finished my first tin of Immune and Lung Vitalitea.  It was so delicious I already ordered another one!  I have been making a pot of it every night and enjoying it both hot and cold.  It is mild and soothing with a nicely balanced herbal flavor.  Very easy to drink and best of all it feels good in my body!  I have a feeling this tea is going to keep me healthy all season.  I am a big fan of herbal tea and I highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a high quality organic blend.

Thanks so much for the speedy delivery of your wonderful tea. I have been drinking each blend on alternating days, and found that making it in a French press is perfect. It’s delightful earthiness is soothing. Many thanks for your lovely tea. Christine.

“I have recently started rock climbing which takes a beating on my hands! I am a physical therapist and my hands are my most important ‘tools’. It is very important to me to have a healing touch and this salve has been a savior! I put it on every night and my hands have remained soft and smooth. I am amazed at how quickly my hands recover from the scrapes and calluses I give them. Both the deep healing cayenne salve and the herbal healing salve are awesome! I use and love them both. I like to put the deep healing cayenne salve on my sore muscles as well as my hands. I highly recommend them both. They smell great and last a very long time!”~Anne Rolston~Physical Therapist~Sacramento, CA

“Jill’s thoughtful and gentle nature, coupled with her deep knowledge of herbal medicine makes her the perfect choice for my healthcare needs. Her wisdom with both eastern and western approaches in diagnostics, as well as treatment, allow for a very comprehensive healing experience. Her treatments are empowering and educational…and nurturing on all levels. Mahalo Jill!”~Maggie Costigan, Maui