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“I use the healing salve religiously for any scrapes or cuts I get. It is a wonderful product and I absolutely love it!!!”~Michele Gregory

” The salve has healed and soothed my family for years – I recommend it for all skin healing needs!!!”~Sally Haglund Schwitters~Richmond, VA

“I use Jill’s healing salve on just about everything! No matter what the problem it just seems to make it feel better. It also makes my lips shiny, I put it on everyday before I go to school. I love it more than any other healing product. Thanks Jill!!”~Sage Nelson~Maui, HI

“Our family uses Jill’s salve all the time! It is magical healing for any kind of bite or itch. Great from our lips to our toes. We keep one in the car, one in the bathroom & one in the kitchen so they are never far our of reach! mahalo Jill!”~Laura Keseric, Los Angeles