Here’s what people are saying….

“Totally love your label! Remember the dedicated hours we spent working on putting the painting into the label, scanning and graphics? The beauty remains for this product you put so much love into.”~Heidi Lea, Graphic Artist, Montana

“I bought this salve at a great little shop in Paia in 2005 when we were on our honeymoon – I have used it on literally EVERYTHING! It works SO GREAT!!! Pimples, scars, cuts, burns, abrasions, rashes, bites, you name it, this salve soothes it! I was SO GLAD to see it is still available, I’m almost out! How awesome that one little jar of it has lasted me 5+ years!! Thank you!!”~Amanda D

“I love the healing salve. I bought it because I liked the ingredients they choose for it as a healing salve. It has a great consistency and it smells so good. I use it for myself as well as my dogs for external wounds and skin conditions.”~Tracey M.

“I simply love your products. The your salves have been my salvation, especially in winter when my hands are worn and tired from long days teaching others to garden. And, your fairies bless my indoor spaces, keeping me smiling even on the greyest of days. Thank you & blessings!”~Robin Haglund Seattle, WA